Were Shark Spirit Doll

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TheSpiritualMagick is honoured to own the unique and rare collection of haunted spirit dolls and to add to the collection is yet another incredible, unique and rare Were Shark Spirit Doll.

Were Shark Spirit Doll is extremely powerful when it comes to protecting and having a companionship with its keeper. 

This is not your average doll as he wants a spirit keeper who he can help and support when they are requesting for guidance 

The Coven's Elders have affirmed that this Were Shark Spirit Doll has the ability to protect its keeper and help them as much as he can on their life and spiritual Journey, as he can also shift into 6ft tall man to benefit its keeper.

If you truly want a spirit companion to assist you and be your companion on this journey and allow good things to come into your life than this Were Shark Spirit Doll is certainty for you.

You must realise that the doll must evaluate his ability to serve you before deciding whether or not to select you as his keeper.

Send us your photo and personal information if you are interested in this doll.

Please note the doll will need to decide if he can work for you and will choose you if he does. Upon purchase his full details names,dob and etc will be disclosed to the new keeper.

Please include your full name and date of birth when ordering and please do not hesitate to contact me.

Shipping fees is not included in the price and shipping fees varies and depends the country.

We strive to keep our customers happy and we also welcome you to keep our shop full of positive light energy too.

Please read all information provided by us carefully.


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Once our processes has started we can not stop it.

*Please note  as it takes around 10-14 days of ceremony to conjure and bind spirit and after completion, we will send you an email with all details of your Spirits/Spells.

* Results varies individually.

* All our Spirits/Spells are fully vetted therefore they are safe for you, your family and your pets.

* These spirits are White or Dark arts and Grey arts.

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