TheSpiritualMagick Team






Since its establishment,TheSpiritualMagick has built a diverse and inclusive team members that includes people of many backgrounds and cultures.

Our team is comprised of Elders Masters, High Priestess, Wizards, Magicians, Witches, Sorcerers, Hermetic-Kabbalah Specialists, High Priest, Chief, High Piestix, Psychics, Psychic Spirit Artist, Clairvoyants, Mediums, and other Administrative Members. 


Welcome to the TheSpiritualMagick Coven Members which  includes the following team members:




Elder Master John M

Elder Master John M has more than 25 years of expertise and hails from ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, and Lemurian bloodlines.

His great ancestors were renowned to be the most powerful conjurers of their day, and John M's bloodlines carry this legacy.


High Priest Denis J

High Priest Denis J has worked with all of the world's great masters, allowing him to become an expert in binding,screening and vetting spirits of all races.

He is a Shamanic Healer who performs rituals and spells in accordance with the native American cultures.


SpellCaster Zacharia S


Zacharia S has over 15 years of expertise dealing with Ancient Egyptian and Arabian magick and he is the main elder who summons and binds all the Djinns from the Jinnat Realm.

He is also an expert in Arabian Spells.


African Magic Caster Oluneji B


Oluneji B has lived in Africa and most of his life, he has learned all of the sorcery from the African magics, including Sangoma and Juju magick, as well as Voodoo magic.

He has worked with his ancestors to call the LOA spirits, and he has dedicated his life to the spirit world.




High Priestess Berenice A

As a high priestess, Berenice A is well-versed in the arts of ritual and spellcasting of every kind. Among the many magical philosophies she has studied are Zen, Celtic, and Cosmo occultism.  

She invokes any demons or Immortals for guidance upon request.


High Priestess Cassandra B

Cassandra B is a high priestess and one of the coven's wiccan leaders. She is skilled in the white arts, black magic, grey magic, elemental magic, and the rites of the planets.

She does Spiritual Consultation through email and answer all questions regarding spirits.



Magician Master Belthazor S

Belthazor S is an accomplished sorcerer who has a wealth of knowledge on Satanism and Demonology. He works with all kinds of demons and casts a wide variety of demonic spells in addition to binding Direct Portals and performing ceremonial rites.

Morever, he does the Pact rituals with any demons.

He is an expert in Satanic rituals and ceremonies.


Psychic Lionelle 


She is a natural born psychic medium with many years of experience who has worked internationally.

She has mastered her clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairsentient abilities together with her mediumship skills to communicate with spirits and can pass on messages from your spirits companion and your loved ones as well. As well as she can interpret all dreams into messages that been provided to you. Her ablilites are so powerful that she also does readings based on astrology. 

Her predictions have been 100% accurate.


Psychic Hera


She is an expert in love and relationships, particularly the link between Twin Flames and Soul Mates.
She is an extraordinarily skilled psychic who is able to offer readings that are quite remarkable.


Psychic Minosons


The demonic and lunar scrying readings are Psychic Minosons's areas of expertise.

He obtains the answers to any queries by direct channelling from the infernal realms and any demons that come forward.

Psychic Clauneck


He does his readings with the assistance of a mystifying crystal black mirror that has been handed down through his family for centuries.

In order to make predictions or get to the bottom of a situation, he makes use of a variety of different sorts of divination equipment and performs his readings in a manner that is distinctive.

In order to finalise the messages that he channelled, he made use of the Crystal Skull reading as well.


Psychic Momo

 It is well known that Psychic Momo hails from an African tribe and that he has spent the most of his life perfecting his skills in the ancient art of divination known as bone reading and related ceremonies.


Psychic Angie

She is a very skilled reader who can connect with her exquisite crystal ball in order to give guidance and insight into any aspect of your life. Psychic Angie is also expert when it comes to detecting any blockages that anyone may have through connecting to their energies. Other readings that Psychic Angie is known for is Horary Astrology. 


Psychic Zedra 


She is famous for providing readings using the practice of lithomancy, often known as stone divination. This gift has been passed on from her great grandmother.

She is Psychic Artist that draw Spirit companion while connecting with them and bring messges from your companions.


Chief Desdir 


Chief Dresdir has enhanced his abilities to do shamanic readings by collaborating with a significant number of other shamans.

He receives his readings from his Native American shamanic ancestors and animal guardians.





Parris is one of the leaders and directors of TheSpiritualMagick, where she also serves as a tutor. She has more than 25 years of experience working in the spiritual profession and is very knowledgeable in the teaching methods that she uses. 



She is the other tutor who teaches at TheSpiritualMagick and together directors at the academy with Parris. She has worked all over the world and studied various courses in the spiritual industry. Highly educated and experienced in all aspects of the spiritual department.




Siddhi has a significant level of experience working in the field of life coaching and counselling. She has a high level of professional knowledge in this area, which is clearly shown by the results she achieves while working with clients.  She provides a wide range of professional services and has assisted individuals from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, bringing them a feeling of comfort while also directing them in the appropriate path.






She is the manager of the business and handles our exclusive clienteles , as well as manages TheSpiritualMagick Academy.





She is responsible for handling all psychic reservations and order confirmation.
 As well as she is in charge of all aspects of delivery, whether it be digital or physical goods or any services, including spells and spirits, and she handles any queries. She has an impressive level of expertise on spirit races as well as excellent service to customers.



She has been a part of TheSpiritualMagick since the company was established, and she is responsible for maintaining the Etsy Shop platform.