Powerful Success and Fame Pact

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Product Description

TheSpritiualMagick is delighted to present to you one of the most powerful Success and Fame Pact that you have been awaiting for and on exceptional high demands by many customers we are happy to offer you the following;

A powerful fallen angel who is renowned as the Great Prince of divine realm because of his immense power. He appears in form of a horse. The fallen angel lord is reported to command twenty legions of powerful entities under his command.

His formal responsibilities include discovering everything that has happened in the past, everything that is happening in the present, and everything that will happen in the future, as well as learning everything there is to know about the divine and the creation of the universe. His full honesty is unusually well-known; it is believed that any queries asked of him about anything he is familiar with will be answered honestly by him.

By summoning him he will help you in as follows

All sorts of divination such as giving you visions of the past, present and future events through dreams or trans states. He will increase your psychic abilities and any sorts of divination such as scrying, crystal balls and any types of mancy.

* Better Relationship
If you want to make your relationship better, you should do the following: In addition, he can help you elevate your friendship to a higher level by mending your broken ties and reconciling with your adversary.

* Success and Fame
He will assist you in achieving business and celebrity achievement. He will assist you in enhancing your social standing and reputation.

*Do you ever have a strong desire for fame and fortune?

*Have you ever pondered how your company might be elevated to a higher degree of success?

*Do you ever wonder if you will be able to repair a damaged friendship?

*Do you wish to become famous at some point in your life?

*Have you ever considered increasing your psychic abilities?

Then the answer is simple.
Well look no further as you could also have all that and many more by getting a pact with the Great Prince of divine realm, this great fallen angel will make all those dreams come true in your success and fame

*The pact works for the period of one year and during this period the fallen angel will be working with you closely to help you achieve your goals.
Please bear in mind that you follow the instructions given to you at the time that the pact has been completed.

*Please note that the pact is only for one area of your success and fame.

At TheSpritualMagick our highly experienced coven who have worked with Orobas many times have known him to have truly shown his powers and ongoing blessings time and time again.

Rest assure that there is no black magic, satanism involvements or soul exchanging as he is not interested in taking human souls as well as their bloods.

There is also no backfire as this pact is purely working with the fallen angel.

A pact is a contract that you will be making with this powerful fallen angel cannot be reversed and this contract will be needed to be sign by you therefore a signature will be required from you.



Your personal details such as

-Full name
-Date of birth
-Recent picture.


The pact takes 14 days to be completed by our Coven as it requires high levels of summoning and energy.

Nothing will be sent to by mail as this is a metaphysical service.

The only requirements needed from your part is to follow the instructions given upon completion and always be grateful to the fallen angel.

We strive to keep our customers happy and we also welcome you to keep our shop full of positive light energy too.

Please read all information provided by us carefully.


Due to the Nature of our business there is a strict NO REFUND policy in place due to our products and services are tailored to individual specifications and high level of energy are input by our Conjurers and Spellcasters.

We can only offer a 24 HOUR cancellation period, this is because our products and services are tailored to individual specifications and high level of energy are input by Conjurers and Spellcasters.
Once our processes has started we can not stop it.

* Results varies individually.

* All our Spirits/Spells are fully vetted therefore they are safe for you, your family and your pets.

* These spirits are White or Dark arts and Grey arts.

* We will not cast any custom spells to harm anyone. All our spells or spirits is for your benefit but not to harm anyone.

* All rituals and ceremonies are sacred and performed privately therefore no pictures or videos are allowed to be taken or recorded.

* TheSpiritualMagick shop supports and donates to worldwide animal charities therefore you will indirectly be donating £1 of your purchase will be used to support and donate to an animal charity of our choosing.

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