Removal Of Blockages, Obstacles and Negativity - Over 250 types of Removal of All blockages , Obstacles and Negativity Rituals Protection Status
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Product Description

This ancient, authentic, secret magic is known only to the Elders Masters of The coven of TheSpiritualMagick. 

Since our elders have been practising and learning from their predecessors and spirit guides, we, the coven of TheSpiritualMagick, have inherited the privilege of using this powerful magical ritual of removing all types of blockages, obstacles and negativity into your life.

The Spiritual Magick is delighted to offer you this extremely potent spells that will remove over 250 types of blockages, obstacles and negativity into your life.
These 250 types of all sorts of blockages, obstackes and negativity removal are imbued with the elemental power of fire, which may be used to remove obstructions, blockages that have caused negative impact on your life in many ways.  These spells will help you get closer to the power that will allow you to overcome and remove any obstacles, blockages and negativity in your path. This can be the residual energy that occurs naturally, a blockage, obstacles, or negativity that has formed as a result of emotions or stress, a blockage, obstacles or negativity sent to you by another person, or a blockage that has been carried from past lives or external connections or any past trauma which has occurred during your childhood or at any time in your life. The energy of the Flame of Blockage , Obstacles and Negativity Removal will hit into your life like a bolt of lightning, beginning on a feather of power and armed with a variety of all types of blockages, obstacles and negativity removal spells and enchantments to help you finally break through to the other side and achieve your goals!!!
This is an extremely powerful service rituals and spells that assists you in removing the obstacles that are preventing you from experiencing pleasure, prosperity, and complete satisfaction in your life. This service will remove any and all sorts of obstructions that have established themselves in either of your three bodies, your auric field, or your chakras. You will undergo the purging of the obstructions, which will allow you to achieve a much higher level of clarity and concentration in all aspects of your life. You may advance toward your spiritual objectives, make progress toward enlightenment, and uncover more power that is inside yourself with the assistance of this service, which can clear away minor to major obstacles.
This is a permanent improvement that will remove obstructions and assist prevent new blockages from accumulating in the present and the future.
Invoking this extraordinary magical enchantment will create a sphere of influence around your life, attracting the positive outcomes you deserve.
This spell has over 250 types of Blockages, Obstacles and Negativity Removal!!