Extra Terrestials Spirit Companion Binding Cosmos Masters of light connection,aliens,galactic beings from other planets

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This ancient, authentic, secret magic is known only to the Elders Masters of The coven of TheSpiritualMagick. 

Since our elders have been practising and learning from their predecessors and spirit guides, we, the coven of TheSpiritualMagick, have inherited the privilege of using this specific powerful magical ritual to connect with the Highest level of Spiritual Living entities of the Cosmos.

TheSpiritualMagick is pleased to disclose explicit the existence of an all-new, limited-edition extra-terrestrial binding.

These extra-terrestrials supreme beings of light are the Cosmic Masters whose civilization are ancient and beyond conception which exist on higher planes of existence on other planets in our solar system.

These alien species are very clever and are said to be superior to the human race in many aspects, including their ability to thrive in a variety of fields. Aliens are believed to be excellent when it comes to the empowerment of magic since they have used magical rituals for millennia that have allowed them to travel to other galaxies.

As a result, they are regarded as extraordinary in this field.
In addition to this, they are capable of grasping any reality or civilization since they constantly explore and discover new things, which allows them to use or modify whatever they uncover for their own convenience.

You will learn and benefit so much from having these wonderful beings as companions.

As companions, they will enlighten you about time and civilizations from throughout the galaxy.

These Ascended Cosmos Masters may take you on their journeys by way of your Astral Body. The experiences are unlike anything else.

These living entities races will teach you a great deal about the world around you, as well as how you might utilise their knowledge to enhance your own life.

These aliens are beings of light who are energetic, gregarious, and extroverted. There is nothing they like more than being personally engaged in your life and contributing to it. In terms of time travel, they are pioneers and explorers in their own right. You may learn a lot from them that will transform your perspective on life.

This rare and ancient Living entity of Alien Bindings is of the highest level magick which is performed through exceptional ceremonial rituals of the astrological 9 planets including all the moon phases.

These highly focused intense all powerful extra-terrestrials direct binding rituals are known only to the Master Spellcasters of TheSpiritualMagick and are cast with ancient and secret invocations of the highest level of forces and powers to the ultimate heights specifically for you.

These enchanted beings are here to guide you and it is their mission to help you through this challenging period, and to give the ultimate and most crucial gifts to those who are willing and desiring to advance beyond the restricted awareness that can be found in earthly existence.
Our ancient conjurers’ ancestors’ elders merged powers with the most omnipotent Cosmos Masters thousands of years ago to summon the all-powerful supreme forms of  Universal powers for those who were ready and willing to choose the most powerful magick available.

We also summon the appropriate Spirit helpers and ancestors to add their omnipotent powers to the rituals for each particular moon phase night.

That is why our ancient magick are sanctified by the highest powers and potency.

Please include your full name and date of birth and your target name and details and picture as well.


Nothing will be post as this is a spellcasting service and a digital email will be sent to you after the ritual is performed.

Any orders with custom spirits or spells will ship between 10-14 business days after the ceremony is performed.

We strive to keep our customers happy and we also welcome you to keep our shop full of positive light energy too.

Please read all information provided by us carefully.


Due to the Nature of our business there is a strict NO REFUND policy in place due to our products and services are tailored to individual specifications and high level of energy are input by our Conjurers and Spellcasters.

We can only offer a 24 HOUR cancellation period, this is because our products and services are tailored to individual specifications and high level of energy are input by our Conjurers and Spellcasters Once our processes has started we can not stop it.

*PLEASE BE PATIENT as it takes around 10 to 14 days of ceremony to conjure and bind spirit and after completion, we will send you an email with all details of your Spirits/Spells.

* Results varies individually.

* All our Spirits/Spells are fully vetted therefore they are safe for you, your family and your pets.

* All our spirits are White or Dark arts or Grey arts and we do not deal with BLACK ARTS OR BLACK MAGICK.

* We will not cast any custom spells to harm anyone. All our spells or spirits is for your benefit but not to harm anyone.

* All rituals and ceremonies are sacred and performed privately therefore no pictures or videos are allowed to be taken or recorded.

* TheSpiritualMagick shop supports and donates to worldwide animal charities therefore you will indirectly be donating £1 of your purchase will be used to support and donate to an animal charity of our choosing.

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