Powerful 7 Rainbow Dragons Spirits Companions with Intense magic powers

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Product Description

TheSpiritualMagick is proud to announce our NEW Binding of the 7 most powerful Rainbow Dragons spirits.

Our team of Supreme Elder Master Conjurers have been working hard behind the scenes to come up with what we believe to be one of the most powerful Rainbow dragons bindings that has ever been conjured.

This is an exclusive offer and is limited number of these Dragons that we have.

It’s an extremely limited edition to your spiritual collection, but extremely powerful at the same time.

Cast with so much love, light, enchantment and Magick this is a wonderfully powerful item, which will bring you an abundance of Luck, Love, Wealth, Health, sexuality, pleasure power, clarity, Hope, joy, Psychic Vision, open all your Claire-senses, Strength, abundance, prosperity and so much more.

With these Higher Celestial Beings of Master Dragons which has never been conjured before by anyone else, as they lives in one of the most powerful and secretive Divine Realms of the Universe.

These extremely higher beings will teach you, guide you and enlighten you all the most ancient and powerful Magick of the 9 realms.

With this powerful, binding you will get:

1) Power Red Dragon Spirit
Red Root Dragon will make you more grounded and bonded to Gaia, making you feel more stable, focused, secure and fearless. Red Dragon will amplify your material and basic needs on the Earth, bringing you synchronicities for more good fortune, luck, wealthy opportunities, prosperity, good health strong relationships and magical knowledge.

2) Power Orange Dragon Spirit
Orange Sacral Dragon will help you lead a happier life overall, making you feel more confident and gravitate towards what make you truly happy. Orange Dragon will amplify your masculine or feminine energy, balanced emotions, boost sex drive, enjoyment of loving relationships, pleasure, boost creative ideas expression and magical teachings.

3) Power Yellow Dragon Spirit.
Yellow Dragon will help you feel very empowered to make firm decisions and stick with them no matter other people’s opinions or challenges you may face. Yellow Dragon will amplify your self-esteem, will power, passion, confidence, self-worth, personal power, self believe and magical Guidance.

4) Power Green Dragon Spirit.
Green Dragon will help you feel more positive on a day-to-day basis as well being able to identify trigger points and be more in control of your emotions. Green Dragon will amplify self-love, love, compassion, kindness, integrity, nurturing, contentment, joy, empathy, Faith, hope knowing, and magical powers.

5) Power Blue Dragon Spirit.
Blue Throat Dragon will help you communicate your ideas and thoughts with accuracy, calmness articulations and intelligence. Blue Dragon will amplify Confidence, speech, self-expression, personal truths, creativity honesty and magical speech.

6) Power Indigo Dragon spirit.
Indigo Dragon will help you see hear and feel what’s going on around you and boost your intuition and spiritual gifts. Indigo Dragon will amplify spiritual communication, perception, foresight, psychic abilities, Empathy, awareness, intuition, seeing, knowing, healing all Claire-senses opened working fully and magical powers.

7) Power Royal Violet Dragon Spirit.
Royal Violet Dragon will help you feel a genuine Spiritual Connection to the Supreme God and all the Spiritual Realms, feeling more connected to your greater self. Violet Dragon will amplify Spirituality, Enlightenment, Freedom, Peace, Light, Love, acceptance, Wisdom, Abundance, happiness, joy, knowing Contentment Magick and magical abilities.

It is important to do a full Chakra Clearing before purchasing this product.

Once you have done the clearing you will be able to invoke your 7 Rainbow Dragons Spirit which will amplify their powers and magick by 100+.

7 Rainbow Dragons will help you

*Protection against negative energy
*Magical Power
*Psychic Intuition
*Remove Evil Spirit
*All above qualities in their description.


DIAMOND CLASS - Extremely Powerful

Spirit and spell are ready to use after the binding is completed.

There are several types of way you can choose to have the binding either remote binding or vessel binding.


As it is a binding to your spirit meaning no physical items will be shipped by mail. You will receive a digital email with all details of the Spirit.


As it is a binding to your own vessel meaning no physical items will be shipped by mail. You will receive a digital email with all details of the Spirit.


As it is a binding to our own Vessel, we will ship you a physical vessel to your address.(See details in Shipping information)


Please note that these spirits are custom conjure based on your preferences and are linked with your energies in order for the spirit to work effectively and efficiently.

Please include your full name and date of birth when ordering. 

Nothing will be post if it is Bound to spirit except for Binding to our own Vessel.

We strive to keep our customers happy and we also welcome you to keep our shop full of positive light energy too.

Please read all information provided by us carefully.


Due to the Nature of our business there is a strict NO REFUND policy in place due to our products and services are tailored to individual specifications and high level of energy are input by our Conjurers and Spellcasters.

We can only offer a 24 HOUR cancellation period, this is because our products and services are tailored to individual specifications and high level of energy are input by Conjurers and Spellcasters.
Once our processes has started we can not stop it.

*Please note  as it takes around 10-14 days of ceremony to conjure and bind spirit and after completion, we will send you an email with all details of your Spirits/Spells.

* Results varies individually.

* All our Spirits/Spells are fully vetted therefore they are safe for you, your family and your pets.

* These spirits are White or Dark arts and Grey arts.

* We will not cast any custom spells to harm anyone. All our spells or spirits is for your benefit but not to harm anyone.

* All rituals and ceremonies are sacred and performed privately therefore no pictures or videos are allowed to be taken or recorded.

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