Lord Shiva Pact

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TheSpiritualMagick has the honor of bringing you this amazing pact with the and all-knowing, all-loving Supreme being known as Lord Shiva.

The Coven Elder Masters have a unique access to working with these powerful entities including Lord Shiva, in order to access his mighty powers and abilities, in order to create a ultimate life changing pact.

Lord Shiva, the glorious Immortal, is one of the most potent supreme Gods. Because of his extraordinary abilities, he can grant you nearly all of your wishes. His global and magical capabilities are unparalleled in the known universe. Along with Brahma and Vishnu, he makes up the Trinity and is known as the "Destroyer of Evil."

Lord Shiva's greatness is unparalleled and surpasses any other superpower. The scope of his abilities and powers exceeds the limits of any description. When you examine how strong and powerful he is, it is clear that his abilities are what make him one of the most astounding divinities in the universe. The destruction of evil in order to bring forth enlightenment is a virtue he personifies, and he is the embodiment of this kindness. He can assist you on all paths, from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual. Lord Shiva is multifaceted, with both benevolent and malevolent sides. As one of his most violent personalities, he is frequently shown killing demons and other evil spirits. He is the Ultimate Lord, the one who conceived of and sustains and develops the universe. He is often seen as battling all evil Spirits   

Having a pact with Lord Shiva will enable you to have a direct access point to him through, since the pact is performed at the highest level of power using exceptional ceremonies which includes accessing the powers of the moon, supermoons, waxing moon and the phase of the evolving moon.

This pact will certainly transform your life through enabling all your desires and dreams to be fulfilled. This pact will offer you, unlimited wealth, ultimate protection, the destruction of evil spirits, third-eye awakening, magical powers, enormous intellectual powers, enhanced careers, super-enduring powers, omnipotent powers, spiritual awareness, unlimited wishes, power, spiritual guidance, removing hexes and curses and much more. Lord Shiva supreme powers will bring light and positiveness into your life enabling your personality to be transformed in radiant way.

If you truly are ready for a transformation and a major change in your life than this truly is the pact for you by having Lord Shiva by your side, to change your destiny and allow you to access all the wonders and treasures of the world and much more.

Our Master Elders will do all the work on your behalf to summon Lord Shiva for you.

If you get a Direct Portal binding, the Power of the Pact will be significantly increased due to the fact that the two items perform well when combined with one another.


DIAMOND CLASS - Extremely Powerful

Spirit and spell are ready to use after the binding is completed.

There are several types of way you can choose to have the binding either remote binding or vessel binding.


As it is a binding to your spirit meaning no physical items will be shipped by mail. You will receive a digital email with all details of the Spirit.


As it is a binding to your own vessel meaning no physical items will be shipped by mail. You will receive a digital email with all details of the Spirit.


As it is a binding to our own Vessel, we will ship you a physical vessel to your address.(See details in Shipping information)


Please note that these spirits are custom conjure based on your preferences and are linked with your energies in order for the spirit to work effectively and efficiently.

Please include your full name and date of birth when ordering. 

Nothing will be post if it is Bound to spirit except for Binding to our own Vessel.

We strive to keep our customers happy and we also welcome you to keep our shop full of positive light energy too.

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Once our processes has started we can not stop it.

*Please note  as it takes around 10-14 days of ceremony to conjure and bind spirit and after completion, we will send you an email with all details of your Spirits/Spells.

* Results varies individually.

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* These spirits are White or Dark arts and Grey arts.

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