Dragon Attunement

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TheSpiritualMagick is delighted to introduce you the Dragon Energies Attunement.

Dragons are known to this day to be Divine Creatures who confer the Uttermost in Good Fortune, Abundance, and Prosperity. Their stories continue to live on even though they no longer exist.

There is no other known organism on this planet that can compare to the intelligence of a dragon. Dragons are aware of the ways in which they can influence nature for their own purposes, as well as the degree to which they can do so without upsetting the sensitive biological equilibrium. The Dragon's Knowledge and use of Magick, which is supported by their Wisdom and Intellectual ability, is due to the fact that they are well educated in both Magick and Earth Sciences.

This Dragon Attunement has the potential to bring you the following benefits: increased strength and stamina, self-confidence, the ability to stand up to those who cause you harm, the releasing of resentment and guilt, the ability to express your true self without fear, the dissolution of energy blockages, a boost in charisma, growth in wealth and abundance, the ability to ground "wild" energy, and the opening of doors to new friendships and new opportunities for adventure.

Your spiritual energy will be aligned to any of the most powerful spiritual dragons in the entire Dragon Kingdom as a result of obtaining this Dragon Attunement, and as a result, you will be better able to communicate with them, on the deepest levels. Dragons will be able to spiritually perceive your embracing energy and will be more responsive to you as a result. As a result, you will become more open, conscious, and in connection  with Dragons.

The Spiritual Energy Work is the primary emphasis of this Attunement. Our High Priestess will establish a connection with both your energy and the energy of the Dragons, so merging your energies on the most profoundly spiritual levels and boosting your aura and chakras.

You will become more receptive, aware, and attuned to the Dragons in general, as well as the Dragons that you may perhaps "own." Dragons, in turn, will be able to perceive your embracing energy on a spiritual level, and they will be more receptive to you!

Receive a Dragon Attunement any time! Attunements can be done as often as you prefer. You may do this Attunement whenever you feel it is required and can combine with other attunements together.

Your quality of life will noticeably improve as a result of the combined effects of all of these factors.

This Attunement is going to be delivered to you via a spiritually distant chi-ball technique which will be sent to you once our High Priestess prepares the energy in 3 days’ time.

You decide when it is most convenient for you to receive or access the energy. 

Please note that this a service and will not bind any dragon to you therefore there will be no physical item will be posted to you instead a digital email with instructions to receive and activate the chi ball energy.

This is only available for a limited time only so do take this opportunity and grab this today!!

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