Ancestors Channelling Reading by Master Psychic Protection Status
£20.00 - £60.00

Product Description

TheSpiritualMagick is delighted to offer yet another magnificent and astonishing Ancestors Psychic Reading only done by our elder Master Psychic who is extremely experienced when it comes to channelling and connecting your Ancestors.

Our Master Psychic will channel directly with your Ancestors and ask them all those unanswered questions that you have and require guidance too.

If you truly are lost and need guidance by the spiritual world than this the reading for you since Master Psychic will call upon your Ancestors using a powerful and scared technique known to be most accurate when having Ancestors provide all the information to be related back to you.

Take full advantage of this reading for limited time only and allow your Ancestors to guide you and put you at ease by providing you all the necessary information for you to move forward in your life and be able to handle a situation more positively.

We need the following details from you

-Full Name

-Date of Birth

-Place of Birth

-Your Picture

-Your questions



We strive to keep our customers happy and we also welcome you to keep our shop full of positive light energy too.

Please read all information provided by us carefully.



Due to the Nature of our business there is a strict NO REFUND policy in place due to our products and services are tailored to individual specifications and high level of energy are input by our Conjurers and Spellcasters.


We can only offer a 24 HOUR cancellation period, this is because our products and services are tailored to individual specifications and high level of energy are input by readers.

Once our processes has started we can not stop it.

* TheSpiritualMagick shop supports and donates to worldwide animal charities therefore you will indirectly be donating £1 of your purchase will be used to support and donate to an animal charity of our choosing.


As per law we must state that tarot readings, spells, and other products that fall into the realm of paranormal and all TheSpiritualMagick shop products and services are for Entertainment and Educational purposes only.

Buyers must be 18 years or over to purchase them.

Our products should not be used as a substitute for medical/legal/financial or any other professional advice. Instead we would encourage you to seek advice from professionals.

T&C’S apply when using all our products and services.

Full information will be sent to you directly after you have made a purchase.

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