Aphrodite Fae Spirit

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This ancient, authentic, secret magic is known only to the Elders Masters of The coven of TheSpiritualMagick. 

Since our elders have been practising and learning from their predecessors and spirit guides, we, the coven of TheSpiritualMagick, have inherited the privilege of using this powerful magic of binding of these amazing powerful and seductress Aphrodite Fae.

We at SpiritualMagick have been given the honour of giving you the power of a seductress Fae, who are well-known for her seductive, persuasive, charismatic, and attractive qualities on a dimension that beyond all comprehension.
Aphrodite Fae is a beautiful faery. She's stunning, passionate and a faery seductress. Your movements, appearance, tone of voice, and breath will be under her guidance as you learn how to control the environment around you.

Using her assistance, you will learn how to master your energy and compel the rest of the world to submit to your will. She'll guide you through the process so you can attract female energies.

Charm and confidence will be used by her to guide you how to rule the world and attract the people you desire.
Since Aphrodite Fae is one of the spirit that have the most potent supernatural charming and seductive powers and capabilities in the universe, she is in a position to grant you seducitve powers that will help you to achieve anything that you desire and seek wehn it comes to having women be luring after you abnd attracted to you.

Having Aphrodite Fae around you, you will be able to accomplish everything you set your mind to and achieve enormous success on every level when it comes to influencing and seducing anyone that you wish for your own benefits.

Beingone of the most powerful Faery, Aphrodite Fae can give you the extraordinary power and abilities you need to appear charismatic and attract others. She will offer you the knowledge to do all you set your mind and aid you with extraordinary power of seduction, charm, charisma, influencing any circumstances according to your favour. You will be endowed with a slew of charming and charismatic powers, including the ability to influence other people's mind and mainly making you attractive to influence others.

This extremely powerful magick of the Aphrodite Fae binding are performed through exceptional ceremonial rituals of the astrological 9 planets including the powers of the full moon, new moon, supermoons, waxing moon, waning moon and every phase of the evolving moon.

Divine Powers are the originators of all forms of magickal practise, since omnipotent universal forces is the kind of powers that is the most ancient, authentic, and extremely potent.

This is a direct binding of destiny for the person who is ready to be who they really are, to finally seize the true, wonderful life that awaits them.

With the knowledge of the universe guiding you and this unrivalled direct portal binding with Aphrodite Fae blessing you, it is time to claim what you have always desired!!

By having Aphrodite Fae binding , you will be given  an opportunity to have a unique and extraordinary destiny that is filled with all the charms, powers, seduction, attraction, charismatic powers, enlightenment, and all the marvels of the world that anybody could have ever imagined.

Our ancient conjurers ancestors’ elders merged powers with the most omnipotent Divine Universal forces thousands years ago to summon the all-powerful supreme forms of Divinity for those who were ready and willing to choose the most powerful magick available.

We also summon the appropriate Spirit helpers and ancestors to add their omnipotent powers to the rituals for each particular moon phase night.

That is why our ancient magick are sanctified by the highest powers and potency.


Please include your full name and date of birth and your picture and your wishes when ordering and please do not hesitate to contact me.

Nothing will be post if it is Bound to spirit except for Vessel.
Any orders with custom spirits or spells will ship between 10-14 business days after the ceremony is performed.

We strive to keep our customers happy and we also welcome you to keep our shop full of positive light energy too.

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Due to the Nature of our business there is a strict NO REFUND policy in place due to our products and services are tailored to individual specifications and high level of energy are input by our Conjurers and Spellcasters.

We can only offer a 24 HOUR cancellation period, this is because our products and services are tailored to individual specifications and high level of energy are input by Conjurers and Spellcasters.
Once our processes has started we can not stop it.

*Please note  as it takes around 10-14 days of ceremony to conjure and bind spirit and after completion, we will send you an email with all details of your Spirits/Spells.

* Results varies individually.

* All our Spirits/Spells are fully vetted therefore they are safe for you, your family and your pets.

* These spirits are White or Dark arts and Grey arts.

* We will not cast any custom spells to harm anyone. All our spells or spirits is for your benefit but not to harm anyone.

* All rituals and ceremonies are sacred and performed privately therefore no pictures or videos are allowed to be taken or recorded.

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